Still Using Toilet Paper? Why You Need To Talk To Your Plumber About A Bidet

If you haven't installed a bidet in your bathroom, now's the time to do that. Bidets were once considered a luxury item. Those days are now long gone. Bidets are now easy to install. If you don't want to invest in a new toilet, your plumber can install a bidet on your existing one. Here are four of the benefits you'll enjoy when you have a bidet installed in your home. [Read More]

2 Signs You May Have A Leaky Water Heater

If you have noticed that you don't have any hot water running into your house or you are having issues with your water heater taking a really long time to heat up, then you may have problems with a leak in your water heater. A leak will mean that as your water heats up, the hot water is going to leak out, meaning that your water heater is always going to be trying to heat up more water, and you aren't going to be getting any of that in your faucet. [Read More]

Critical Features Of A Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals don't come in a one-size-fits-all configuration. Rather, they come in different forms to fit different users. If you are in the market for a garbage disposal, below are some of the critical features to consider. Motor Size The garbage disposal has an electrical motor that turns electricity into kinetic energy. It is the motor that runs the garbage disposal blades that cuts food waste into manageable pieces. The power of the motor determines how much garbage disposal can handle. [Read More]

3 Major Benefits Of Hiring A Drain Cleaning Specialist For Your Home

The drains in your home may not seem that important, but when they start acting up, you'll soon realize how key they are in your daily operations. One of the best ways to maintain them over the years is to hire a drain cleaning specialist, who can benefit you in the following ways.  Speed Up Drainage After several months pass, you may realize how slow your drains are. This can be frustrating as you may have to wait hours to reuse a particular sink. [Read More]