Plumbing Tips from an Avid DIY-er

Learn How To Temporarily Patch A Crack In Your Bathroom's Metal Pipe

If a metal pipe underneath your bathroom sink has cracked, you can learn how to patch it with the following steps. The patching materials that are used will temporarily repair the problem so that you can use the sink until a plumber, like Beaman Bros Plumbing & Heating, is able to replace the damaged pipe.

Use The Following Materials

  • towels
  • metal file
  • plumbing putty
  • rubber gloves
  • plumbing tape
  • bucket of water
  • hairdryer

Dry The Pipe And File It

Turn off the main water valve. Turn on the bathroom faucet for a couple minutes so that any water that is still inside of the pipe is eliminated. Dry off the pipe's surface with a towel. Rub a metal file across the damaged part of the pipe several times. The file will roughen up the pipe's surface, making it easier for the plumbing putty to bond in the next step.

Apply Putty And Tape

Put on a pair of rubber gloves. Soften the plumbing putty in your hands and mold it into the shape of a flat disk. Press the putty against the pipe's surface, making sure that the crack is covered completely. Wait for the putty's surface to harden. This may take an hour or two. Submerse a roll of plumbing tape in a bucket of warm water for several seconds. The tape contains epoxy which is activated once the tape becomes wet.

Remove the tape form the bucket and squeeze the roll to eliminate excess water. Place the end of the tape next to the putty. Wrap the entire roll of tape across the pipe so that it covers the putty completely. Make sure that the tape is evenly distributed as you are doing this. 

Wait For The Tape To Dry And Test The Repair

Dip your glove covered fingers in the bucket of water to moisten them. Wipe them across the tape's surface while pressing down firmly. Any epoxy that is on the tape's surface will be pressed down through the material so that it makes contact with the pipe. Wait for the tape to harden and dry. This could take a few hours. You can speed up the process by turning on a hairdryer and moving it over the tape.

After the tape dries, turn on the water. If the pipe is no longer leaking, the problem has been temporarily resolved and you can use the bathroom sink. Set up an appointment with a plumber in the near future to have a new pipe installed.