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5 Warning Signs Your Sewer Needs Repair

One of the most important components of your home is your sewer. Of course, this is one you don't typically think about unless you have a problem. There are situations that may arise that make you realize that your sewer needs to be repaired. Being aware of certain warning signs is sure to be helpful in allowing you to get this issue fixed sooner rather than later.

Sign #1: Toilet bowl water levels

You may begin to see that the water in your toilet bowl isn't as level as it used to be. It's possible to see changes, and this means that the water may rise way too high or get extremely low. Additionally, unusual sounds from your toilet bowl could be a sign that you may have a sewer line issue.

Sign #2: Slow drainage

Does it seem as if your sink or shower takes forever to drain? If so, this could be due to a clogged sewer, and you will want to talk to a plumber about getting your sewer cleaned. There are other sewer repairs that may be necessary for you to complete if this happens, as well.

Sign #3: Rodents in the yard

Did you know that if you have a sewer line that suddenly breaks, this could be the reason you see rodents, rats and other unwanted creatures on your back lawn? You will want to determine what's causing this and work to treat the sewer issue at hand.

Sign #4: Bad smell

The last thing you want to deal with when you walk outside is a horrible odor that can't be denied. This is extremely common when there is a need to get your sewer repaired for any reasons.  Additionally, foul smells is an indication that you need to have a completed cleaning of your sewer.

Sign #5: Pooling water

If it hasn't rained in a while and you notice huge puddles of water in your backyard, this is a sign that you have sewer concerns that may need to be addressed. If you see something like this out of the ordinary, there is typically a reason for it.

You will want to be mindful of what is occurring around your home to enable you to fix any issues that arise over time. The key to your success in having a home that maintains its value and is well-kept will rest in doing so. Be sure to call companies like Brad's Plumbing in your area to assist you today.