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How To Fix A Bad Wax Ring On A Toilet

Smelling sewer gases coming from your bathroom is not normal and can be hazardous. If you recently started noticing this odor, it could be due to a number of different issues, including a bad wax ring around your toilet. If you use this bathroom often, this is the most likely cause of the gas smell in the room, and here are a few things to know about this.

What Is A Wax Ring?

A toilet is made up of many different parts, and the wax ring on a toilet is located where the toilet meets the floor. This ring seals the toilet to a pipe that transfers waste water to the sewer. When the wax ring is securely in place and is tightly sealed, it stops water from leaking out of the toilet. When this ring is bad, which typically means it is loose or worn out, it will allow flooding on your bathroom floor and sewer gases to come out.

If your wax ring is bad, you are likely to see water around the bottom of your toilet on the floor. You may also notice that the toilet is wobbly. This wax ring is also helpful for holding the toilet in place.

How Do You Fix This?

In some cases, you can fix a wax ring simply by tightening the bolts on it. If the wax ring is not worn out, this will often solve the problem. It will tighten up the toilet so it does not wobble, and it will stop water and gas from leaking out. In most situations, replacing the wax ring is needed. To do this, you will have to remove the toilet.

Before removing the toilet, you should shut the water off to the device and then flush the toilet. This will help eliminate the water from the bowl and tank, and it will leave less water to spill on the floor as you complete the job. After doing this, you must remove the bolts that are there holding your toilet to the ground. Once these are loose, you will be able to move the toilet out of its place, and this will gain you access to the wax ring.

You can then pull the wax ring off and put a new one on. Next, put the toilet back in place and tighten the bolts.

If this job is too hard for you, call a plumber. Plumbers can locate and fix all types of toilet problems.