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Tips for Using a Garbage Disposal During the Holidays

A common cause of kitchen sink clogs is when people do not use the garbage disposal properly. This often happens during the holidays, when people are helping with the dishes and not considering what goes down your drain. There may be a garbage disposal in place, but it can still become clogged by not following a few simple rules. Here are some tips to prevent clogs from occurring during the holidays.

Things to Do

Start by taking care of problems before people arrive for the holidays. Fixing the issue regarding a slow draining sink will prevent the problem from getting worse once the sink starts seeing a lot of use after some big meals.

If it has been a while since you last cleaned the garbage disposal, now is the time to do it. Try putting ice, baking soda, cold water, and coarse salt into the disposal before turning the unit on. The salt and ice will help clean the grime and grit away found along the sides of the garbage disposal. The water and baking soda will help flush any grease away that has coated the inside.

When someone is helping with cleaning dishes in your home, you'll want to give them an overview about what should and shouldn't go down the drain into the garbage disposal. Don't feel like you are offending them by telling them some foods need to go into the trash.

Things to Avoid

The foods that shouldn't go down the drain are foods that are fatty, doughy, starchy, and stringy. Thing includes celery, gravy, pie dough, and potatoes. If thrown down the drain they can get clogged in your pipes, causing you to have a clogged drain. It may be worth starting a compost bin specifically for these foods, and have guests scrape their plate off into the bin before the place goes to the sink for cleaning.

You should also avoid filling your garage disposal to the top before you turn it on. The device may be designed to grind up food, but it still needs room for the food to move around. If it is packed, the blades are just going to spin in place without moving the food or not spin at all.

If a problem does come up, you may need to contact a plumber to fix it for you. Deep clogs will require a snake to help break up the food so that the water can flow through the pipe once again. To learn more or receive further assistance, contact companies like Abbey Plumbing & HVAC, LLC.