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Need Water Heater Need Replacement? What You Should Consider in a New Unit

Has your home's hot water heater finally kicked the bucket? If so, you'll need to get a new one up and running as soon as possible. Here are two things you need to consider about the new unit.

The Fuel

The biggest decision you'll need to make when it comes to a new hot water heater is the fuel source that it uses. With there being so many fuel options to pick from, what you decide to go with will make an impact on your energy costs over the upcoming years. You'll want one that is affordable depending on the region that you are living in.

Hot water heaters can run on solar energy, propane, natural gas, geothermal energy, fuel oil, and electricity. Of those six options, solar and electric will be available in any region of the country. The other four fuel options will vary in price, and could be cheaper or more expensive for you to use depending on how much it costs. The good news is that you do not need to go with the exact same fuel source that your old hot water heater had. Now is actually a time to make a change if you wanted to switch to a new fuel source.

The Tank Size

If you're existing hot water heater was keeping up with the usage in your home, that is a good indication that you shouldn't change things up. A bigger hot water heater will use more energy, and cost you more over the years because of it. When the hot water tank wasn't able to keep up to demand, consider making a change. You can select a bigger hot water tank, or go with a tankless model.

A tankless hot water heater could be the answer to your problems, but only if you have the ideal home setup for it. Tankless hot water heaters work by heating water on demand, but it can only produce so much hot water at a time. If you have a single bathroom, this will work out just fine. If you have multiple bathrooms, you may find that the unit can keep up with demand when you have several people showering at once in the morning.

For help selecting and installing a new hot water heater, reach out to a commercial plumbing service. They can help you throughout the entire installation process, including finding the right model for your home.