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4 Things To Do To Prepare Your For Trenchless Sewer Installation

If you are planning on having a trenchless sewer system installing on your property, here are four things that you can do to prepare your property to trenchless sewer installation.

#1 Check With The Local Code Enforcement Office

The first thing that you need to do is check with local code enforcement office to see what types of building codes related to your sewage system. You may even want an enforcement office to come out and look at your sewage system to ensure that everything is up to code. If there are any code violations, you'll want to address them at the same time you have your new system installed. This is also a great time to learn what local sewage codes are so you can be sure that your new system meets them.

#2 Check For Any Obstructions

The next thing you need to do is make sure that there is not anything obstructing the access to your trenches that the contractor will need. For example, be sure to call your local electric and water company to ensure that there are not wires or lines that you need to avoid hitting when your trenchless sewer system is installed.

#3 Remove Tree Roots

You don't want tree roots to get into your new sewer lines. Some people wrongly assume that roots cannot get into trenchless sewer lines; however, roots can still break the lining on your trenchless sewer lines. You don't necessarily have to remove the trees, but you do need to break up and remove any tree roots that could get into your sewer lines. You'll have to dig them up and break them up.

#4 Clean Up Your Drain Lines

Finally, you are going to make sure that you clean up the drain lines for your plumbing system. Having clean drain plumbing lines will make it easier to install your new trenchless sewer line. Although you don't want to use harsh chemicals that often on your plumbing and septic system as it can upset the balance inside of your septic system, this is the one exception to that rule. Use pipe cleaner on all your drains to ensure everything is as clean as possible before having the trenchless system installed.

Be sure to talk to the contractor installing your trenchless sewer system to see if there is anything else you can do to prepare your yard for the installation of this new system.