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Are Your Bathrooms Constantly Occupied? Hire a Plumber to Add a New ¾ Bathroom

It is difficult to predict how much your family will use the bathroom before you have a family. You may have purchased your home with the intention of raising one, and now that you are, you are finding out that one or two bathrooms is leading to your family having to wait around until their turn. This is okay on occasion, but it can get in the way of productive mornings and being on time for scheduled activities.

Some families might start looking at other homes to fix their problem. But, you can enjoy an easier solution by hiring a plumber and making it a priority to create a ¾ bathroom somewhere in the home. Here's why you should consider this option.

Provides the Necessities

Although you could make a full bathroom, this would give you more than the essentials. It is crucial to have a shower that your family can use for cleaning up on a regular basis throughout the week. You will also need a toilet so that your family and guests do not have to wait in line to use the bathroom. The other part that makes up a ¾ bathroom is the sink, which is essential for cleaning your hands. So, even though this room may not have the luxuries of your other bathrooms, you still have the basics.

Fits Into a Small Space

A huge advantage that comes with a ¾ bathroom is saving space. Typically, a bathtub consumes the most space, but this can be avoided with your setup. A plumber like those at Reeves Plumbing & Heating can look around your home to determine the best places to put such an addition. It is also possible to pick a certain spot when you are willing to spend a bit more to get the necessary plumbing work done.

Saves You Money

Do not underestimate what cutting out the bathtub can do to the cost of this addition. Since the average bathtub installation costs about $2,900, you can expect to save even more money when you are building it all from scratch. This will allow you to build a small shower enclosure with a drainage system. Also, you can enjoy a lot of flexibility with the shower space to fit into awkward spots in the house.

Although you may need to hire other professionals to help with the bathroom addition, you will want to hire a plumber in the beginning to assist with the planning as well as the execution.