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How To Make Portable Potty Rentals Easier To Use

Portable potty rentals are essential when holding an event. There is no reason why customers should have to dread using them if you take steps to make them easier to use.

Decide Whether You Want A Portable Potty Or A Restroom Trailer

Restroom trailers are much larger than portable potties and some guests may prefer them. However, there are also some inconveniences. Make sure that you will have enough space to accommodate a restroom trailer. These amenities can be very large, but they can also store a large amount of human waste.

Make The Portable Potty Visible

If you will be having an evening event, make sure to place lights near the portable potty and inside it so that guests have an easier time using the unit. Make sure that the unit is always placed in a very visible area.

Choose The Location Of the Portable Potty Wisely

Place the portable potty rental in a location that is nearby food and beverage stations. If alcoholic beverages will be served, keep in mind that portable potty stations will be used more often and make sure that you rent extra units. 

Don't Skimp On Amenities

Make sure to choose a portable potty rental service, like AAA Pumping Service, that will provide as many amenities as possible. While it might seem minor, if those attending your event do not have enough hand soap or toilet paper, this will be a part of your event that your guests will remember. If you will have catering, it makes sense to provide more hand soap so that you can keep your event up to code. Also, have your units serviced as often as possible. While servicing them once a day is the bare minimum, servicing more often will reduce the risk that customers will experience an unsanitary environment. Make sure that guests also know who to notify if the units are unusable.

Find Innovative Ways To Improve The Bathroom Experience

Consider what your guests are doing at the event and factor this into the portable potty. For instance, if the portable potty will be at a concert, one idea is to have speakers inside the portable potty so that your guests will never miss out on the music. Some portable potty rentals even come with screens to allow customers to continue to experience the action. Each of these improvements can allow the bathroom experience to not detract from the event.