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What Causes Uneven Cooling In The Upper Floors Of Your Home?

Cooling the upper floors of your home is harder than the rest of your house because heat rises naturally. Cooler air naturally wants to move to lower parts of your house, so you have to overcome the law of thermodynamics just to stay cool upstairs. If your air conditioner is set up properly, you will not have these problems. Here are some things that can cause uneven cooling that leaves your upper floors warmer than you want.

Duct Layout

If you don't have enough ductwork running to all the rooms, you will have a cooling issue because not enough cool air will be flowing upstairs. Yet if the upstairs ducts are too big or too long, they will lose pressure and reduce the amount of cool air reaching the upper floors as well. A lack of an upstairs return air duct can also interrupt the flow of air from one end of the upstairs to the other, which can make just part of the upper floors warmer than the rest of the space.

Damaged Ducts

Anything that damages the ducts supplying the upper floors can let the cool air intended for that area escape into the walls and attic instead. Many things can cause damage to your ductwork. Rats can gnaw through the thin metal. Sometimes duct joints can come loose, and sections can just slide apart. Either way, if you notice your upper floors are warmer than they used to be, you might want to get the ducts checked out for damage.

Undersized Air Conditioner

Air conditioning units should be sized by the cubic footage of your home. If the A/C unit you have is too small for your home, it will have a very hard time cooling the upstairs area of your home. The system just cannot move the mass of air need to cool that portion of your home. Some A/C installers go by the square footage and don't measure the cubic footage, resulting in an undersized system that must be replaced.

Ineffective Blower

Every A/C system has at least one internal blower that moves the air around your home through the ductwork. An undersized blower can struggle to move the entire mass of air all the way upstairs. You may need a larger blower or multiple blowers located on different floors to keep the air flow going. Older blowers also get weaker and less efficient at moving air, so you may just need a tune-up.

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