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If These Walls Could Talk: 3 Tips To Prevent Damage From A Hidden Water Leak

The plumbing system in your house consists of pipes that run from the main water supply through the ground and in the walls of your house. While most plumbing issues happen at visible areas of the system, such as the toilet, it is possible for a problem to occur at any point along the way. Unfortunately, water leaks that happen inside of your walls may take longer to notice, which means that there is more time for damage to occur before the problem is repaired. As a homeowner, you can use these tips to prevent damage from a hidden water leak.

Watch for Signs of an Inner Wall Leak

Pipe leaks that occur inside of the wall may release water slowly. When this happens, you may not be able to see the damage until the water begins to seep into the materials that are used to make the wall. For instance, you might notice bubbling paint where water begins to build up behind it. Alternatively, you may feel a soft or wet spot on part of the wall. Since water travels downward, any leaks near the seam of the wall and the floor should be assessed to find out if it is from the plumbing. Depending upon the size of the leak, you may also notice a slightly higher water bill than normal that does not have an explanation.

Learn How to Shut the Water Off

When you suspect that you have a water leak in the walls, you must take action immediately to stop the flow of liquids from reaching vulnerable parts of your house. Start by locating the main water shut off valve that is located on your property, and use the valve to turn the water off. If you cannot find the valve, then make sure to mention this when you call for plumbing services so that they can expedite your service.

Remove Salvageable Items

While you wait for the emergency plumber to arrive, you can begin the process of cleaning up your property. If the leak is small, then remove any items near the wall and put them in a dry part of your house. If there are already waterlogged materials, such as artwork located near the leak, then you can take these items out of the room and begin the drying process.

Hidden plumbing leaks can quickly generate a large amount of damage within a short amount of time. Be sure to periodically inspect your house's walls to make sure there are no signs of a leak that require prompt attention.

If you would like to learn more about preventing hidden water leaks, consult with a local plumber.