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4 Preventative Steps You Can Take To Avoid A Leaking Pipe In Your Business

You don't have to deal with a leaking pipe if you don't want to at your business location. Leaks are not random occurrences. There are reasons that leaks pop up in your pipes, and there are steps that you can take to ensure that you don't get a leaky pipe, which can not only be a pain but cause water damage as well.

#1 Keep the Space Under Your Sink Clean

First, make sure that the area under your sink is not full of clutter. You want to make sure that you keep the area under your sink as clean as possible. That doesn't mean that the area under your sink needs to be perfectly organized, but it does mean that you need to not just shove everything and pile it up under your sink. Keep things nice and organized so that if a leak does spring, you will actually be able to spot it.

#2 Wrap Up Your Pipes

Second, you need to make sure that your pipes are well-insulated. When your pipes get cold, you risk your pipes freezing. You can help keep your pipes warm by purchasing insulation to wrap around your pipes. Insulation is made to easily slip over your pipes. To keep the insulation in place, you are going to want to wrap the insulation up with some electrical tape. This will help keep your pipes clean and prevent them from bursting and leaking.

#3 Keep Warm Air Around Your Pipes

Third, if your pipes are in your basement or crawlspace, you may want to make sure that you keep warm air circulating around your pipes. You don't have to fully heat up your basement or crawlspace, but circulating warm air around your pipes can help keep them from getting frozen, which can be a real problem.

#4 Soften Your Water

Fourth, you are going to want to soften your water if you have hard water. Hard water adds minerals and buildup to your pipes, which can put stress on them and can eventually lead to leaks. If you have hard water, you are going to want to soften up the water. You can soften up the water by putting in a soft water filter. A soft water filter will reduce the stress on your plumbing. Just make sure that you clean the filter according to the directions that come with the filter that you purchase.

You can prevent leaks in your pipes by cleaning up under your sink. Insulate your pipes and keep warm air flowing around them in the wintertime. If you have hard water, install a soft water filter to reduce the stress on your pipes. All of these steps can help keep your pipes from developing a leak at your business location.

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