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Damaged Sewer Line? Know About The Causes And Solutions To This Problem

Having a damaged sewer line will require having a plumbing contractor perform a repair or replace it, and until then, you will not have working plumbing inside your home. Here is what you should know about what can damage a sewer line, as well as the ways it can be fixed.

Causes of Sewer Line Damage

A common reason for sewer line damage is not due to something being flushed down your drain, but the trees in your backyard. Sewer pipes tend to have moisture on the outside of them, which draws tree roots to them as a source of water. When those roots grow and become big, they can eventually crack the drain pipe going out to the main sewer. Sometimes tree roots just cause clogs, but other times they can cause the pipe to collapse.

Sewer lines can also fail because the pipe is old, is corroding, or there is a seam that has become loose. Shifting soil can cause a pipe to become damaged, since the pipe may be suspended above a dip in the soil and have too much weight put on the pipe itself. Your sewer line might become clogged due to things that were put down the drains, such as hair or debris, but can also be caused by scale and scum building up over the years.

All these issues can cause a variety of problems that you'll notice in your home, such as slow moving drains or toilets that are unable to flush. Sometimes sewage can even back up into your home or your yard.

Solutions for Sewer Line Damage

A pipe that is only clogged can be fixed by having a plumber clear out whatever is in the pipe. This can be done by using a sewer snake or hydro jetting. Both methods can destroy tree roots, thought they don't prevent the roots from growing back since the cracks are still in the sewer line.

Broken sewer lines require much more work to repair. Get ready to have your yard excavated so that a plumber can reach the pipe buried underneath your yard. It's the only way to repair a pipe that has become completely disconnected from the sewer line due to various problems. Thankfully, it also provides an opportunity for older ceramic drain tiles to be replaced with PVC pipe.

Reach out to a plumber in your area for assistance with a damage sewer line.