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3 Air Conditioning Problems You Need To Recognize Early On

Whether it is spring, summer, or fall, it is important that you are familiar with your air conditioner so that you are able to spot problems early on. As soon as you spot trouble with your air conditioner, you need to call in help from a professional HVAC technician. The sooner that you can spot trouble and have it repaired, the better off your air conditioning system will be as a whole. Before you can spot the signs though, you need to be familiar with the warning signs of trouble so that they can be recognized.  

What's That Noise?

Your air conditioning system should not sound like an orchestra. While there may be some noises that should be heard, your air conditioner should not be heard by your neighbors. When your air conditioner gets that loud, it means that there is trouble. Whether there are new sounds or the sounds are just louder than normal, these types of irregularities could be the sign of a serious problem.

Some potential issues that that could point to trouble with your AC and that could be causing noises include insufficient lubrication and loose components. When left untreated, these could result in more damage to your unit.

Why Is It Not Cooling?

Have you noticed that your air conditioner is blowing warm air? Before you do anything else at all, check your thermostat. More often than not, the thermostat may simply be adjusted incorrectly. In some cases, the fan may only be switched on or the heat pump may be switched to heating mode. Whatever the case may be, you don't need to call an HVAC technician out to home to adjust your thermostat.

However, another problem that you may be experiencing when your AC is not cooling is leaky ducting, or it may also be a low refrigerant charge. Another potential issue could be an improperly sized air conditioning unit. So, it is important to give your local air conditioning service a phone call to diagnosis and resolve the problem quickly and efficiently.

Are Your Utility Bills Skyrocketing?

Are you suddenly spending more money each month to cool your home? If you have not made any significant changes to your home and there have been no alterations to your cooling habits, then there should be no reason to see a sudden, evident spike in your cooking costs. Unfortunately, your air conditioning unit could be the culprit. Your local air conditioning services can assess and determine what the problem is and get your cooling costs back under the belt for you.