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Why Shower Water Temperature Changes When Using Other Plumbing Fixtures

If you live in a home that is on the older side, there is a good chance that you may deal with the problem of your shower water temperature changing any time someone uses another plumbing fixture in your house. This is a common problem with plumbing systems in older homes, yet it is a problem you can likely solve with the help of a plumbing company.

Why this happens

The way plumbing systems were installed in older homes was different than the way plumbing is now installed in homes, and part of the reason for this is to solve this particular problem that is common in older houses. Older homes have a plumbing system that is made up of a trunk and branches. All the branches feed off the trunk, which means that anytime you run water, the other lines are affected by it. This can affect not only the temperature of water in plumbing fixtures but also the pressure of the water. When water is used in two fixtures at once, the pressure will decrease, simply because it must divide between two sources.

The solutions for fixing the problem

There are several ways to fix this problem, but the best option is to place the pipes in a different type of configuration. With a new configuration, each plumbing fixture can have its own supply line instead of working off of just one trunk in the house. This option for fixing the problem is the most expensive one though, which is why you may want to look into a different solution. One other solution is to find a way to increase your water pressure. If you can greatly increase the water pressure, the effects of the temperature change and pressure will not be as noticeable.

The other solution to consider is adding a mixing valve to your shower. This valve is designed to control the mix of hot and cold water that enters through the showerhead. By installing this, it will even out the temperature before it exits the showerhead, and this will help you control the problem you are currently having.

If you are tired of getting burned or frozen while you are showering due to the changes in water temperature from the use of other plumbing fixtures, contact a plumbing service in your area for help. They can determine the best way to fix this problem for you.