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Critical Features Of A Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals don't come in a one-size-fits-all configuration. Rather, they come in different forms to fit different users. If you are in the market for a garbage disposal, below are some of the critical features to consider.

Motor Size

The garbage disposal has an electrical motor that turns electricity into kinetic energy. It is the motor that runs the garbage disposal blades that cuts food waste into manageable pieces. The power of the motor determines how much garbage disposal can handle. Thus, you need a powerful motor if your house produces a lot of garbage. For example, a seven-person household needs a more powerful motor than a three-person household. The motor size is given in horsepower, with standard motors ranging from a third horsepower to one horsepower.

Feed Type

The feed type refers to the method of putting wastes into the garbage disposal. There are two types of garbage disposal feeds: continuous and batch feed. For a continuous feed, your disposal has an open mouth that you can continue to feed with waste even as the disposal runs. For the batch feeding, the disposal has an opening that you close once you have fed the wastes into the chamber. You only open the chamber once the disposal is through with its cycle. Batch systems are relatively safe (and expensive) since you can't insert your hand into the chamber as the disposal runs.

Blade Material

The blades are the actual part of the garbage disposal that chops up food remains. This means the blade must be tough and long-lasting to perform its function without premature damage. For example, blades made from stainless steel are pretty tough and can take a lot of beating without corroding or damaging.

Chamber Size

The garbage disposal chamber is the actual space where the garbage is held during chopping. A big chamber accepts more garbage at once than a small chamber. Therefore, garbage disposal with a small chamber will run for a longer time than another garbage disposal with a bigger chamber. Chamber sizes are typically proportional to motor sizes.

Extra Features

You can also look for garbage disposal with extra features that other garbage disposals don't offer. For example, some garbage disposals come with dishwasher attachments that you can use to hook up the disposal and the dishwasher. Garbage disposals also make some noise when running, but some are noisier than others.

Your residential plumber can help you with further information on getting a good garbage disposal for your house and installing it. Don't forget to call the plumber for a diagnosis and solution if something goes wrong with the disposal.