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2 Signs You May Have A Leaky Water Heater

If you have noticed that you don't have any hot water running into your house or you are having issues with your water heater taking a really long time to heat up, then you may have problems with a leak in your water heater. A leak will mean that as your water heats up, the hot water is going to leak out, meaning that your water heater is always going to be trying to heat up more water, and you aren't going to be getting any of that in your faucet. If you aren't sure what's going on, then you want to check to see if you can find a leak. So, what are some signs that you have a water heater leak?

Rusty Spots

One of the signs that you might have a leak in your water heater is that you are going to have rusty spots on your water heater or around your water heater. Water and metal don't necessarily mix all that well, especially when it comes to hot water. So, if there is a long-term leak, it's going to show up by leaving rusty spots or streaks on your water heater. There may also be visible rust spots on the floor under or around your water heater. If you are only seeing rust spots on the floor, it can be harder to tell if you have a leak problem because you can't trace anything back to a source. 

Drips on Pipes

Another sign that you have problems with a leak on your water heater is that you might notice some drips along the pipes that lead to or from your water heater. That can show that you have problems with the seals and joints of the pipes. The problem at the connections can keep hot water from making it from the heater to the faucet. If you notice that you do have drips of water running along your pipes, you are going to need to carefully check out where it's coming from. Water doesn't stay in one place, and it will run along your pipes, so check the whole pipe until you can find a place that is dry. A dry spot will give you a good starting place to figure out where the leak is actually coming from. 

If you are worried about your water heater, then you should contact a plumber and have them check it out. You may just need to have something tightened, but you may need to have your water heater repaired or a new water heater installed instead. 

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