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How To Save Water In Your Bathroom

If you're interested in protecting the environment, saving money, or both, you can accomplish it all by upgrading your bathroom. Three little changes or additions to your bathroom can make a big difference in how much water your household consumes, which can reduce your water bill every month. Here are three things to consider adding to your bathroom to help do just that.


Faucet aerators are remarkable pieces of technology. They give you the same amount of water pressure you would expect without using anywhere near as much water. They do this by infusing air into the stream of water, which allows it to effectively blow out at a faster speed while using less water per second of flow.

With a faucet aerator, you can rest assured that you'll still be able to wash your hands, clean your toothbrush, and do anything else you normally would with the bathroom sink while using less water the whole time. And your usage doesn't have to limited to the sink, either. Faucet aerators are also available for showerheads.

Toilet Sink

Another great way to save water is to get a toilet sink. Toilet sinks are add-ons to toilets that use the water that normally fills the tank. Before it fills the tank, it flows through a faucet on the back of the toilet, over the tank. Then the water that comes through drains into the toilet tank. So essentially, you get clean water to wash your hands with and the brown, recycled water is what's used by the toilet when you flush it. It's a natural way to recycle water and saves a bunch of water every time you need to wash your hands.

High-Efficiency Toilet

The last way you can save water in your bathroom is to upgrade your toilet. High-efficiency toilets naturally use less water per flush. This way, even though you'll keep using your bathroom normally, you'll be using less water per flush. When combined with a toilet sink, this is a really excellent way of cutting your water consumption dramatically in the bathroom.

Upgrading your bathroom of course comes at a cost, but you'll quickly recoup your losses by installing appliances that help you to save water. If you're ready to do what's right for the environment and your pocket book, contact a plumber about these three options. They'll make a huge difference for you in all the years to come. Visit with a local plumber, like those found at and other sites, for more information.