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Can A Tankless Water Heater Leak?

Compared to their traditional tank counterparts, tankless water heaters have so many advantages. Not only are they much smaller in size, but they also last longer and are more energy-efficient, as well. 

One of the major complaints about traditional tank water heaters has been their propensity to leak; even small, incidental leaking out of a drain hose can cause hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of water damage. Many buy tankless water heaters not only to avoid the hassle of constant maintenance, but also because they believe that tankless water heaters can't leak by design.

Can Tankless Water Heaters Leak?

To keep it short: yes, tankless water heaters can leak. Many people are not aware of this possibility because of the fact that a tankless water heater doesn't hold any water inside its unit like a traditional tank heater does. Where there are opportunities for leaks are in the pipes and the joints that hold the unit together. Over time, these connection points can become worn down and brittle, turning a tiny leak into a major issue. Water damage to floors and walls is not uncommon. If this happens, you'll need to call a plumber to schedule a tankless water heater repair.

What Causes Water Leaks?

Age of the unit is by far the most common reason to need tankless water heater repair. Though they're designed to last upwards of 20 or more years, the components that make up tankless water heaters can be worn down by constant use, temperature changes, and hard water problems. Regular maintenance can keep tankless water heater repair from becoming a regular issue, but you'll still have to change out parts periodically.

Another issue that can cause leaks inside your unit is venting that has become obstructed. If there is debris in the way, such as bird nests or boxes, the condensation that should drip outside of the unit can stay inside the water heater and possibly cause the entire system to fail. If you find obstructions that are inhibiting the operation of your tankless water heater, fix it immediately. If you've moved the debris and there are still issues, schedule a tankless water heater repair service.

Every appliance in your home will eventually have issues, no matter what the average life expectancy is. Proper maintenance, alongside good operational habits, can go a long way in securing your investment and keep it delivering hot water consistently for years to come.