Plumbing Issues You Can'T Control As A Condo Owner

Community living in a condominium is quite different than a single family home. While you are responsible for problems within your unit, there are a lot of issues you are not responsible for. This is especially true for plumbing. You should be aware of some issues that your HOA should handle, since they are out of your control. Clogged Main Sewage Line Do you have a toilet that constantly clogs, or drains that move very slowly? [Read More]

Learn How To Temporarily Patch A Crack In Your Bathroom's Metal Pipe

If a metal pipe underneath your bathroom sink has cracked, you can learn how to patch it with the following steps. The patching materials that are used will temporarily repair the problem so that you can use the sink until a plumber, like Beaman Bros Plumbing & Heating, is able to replace the damaged pipe. Use The Following Materials towels metal file plumbing putty rubber gloves plumbing tape bucket of water hairdryer Dry The Pipe And File It [Read More]