How To Unclog A Utility Sink

Many commercial and residential buildings have a laundry sink to empty mop water and wash small tools or delicate clothing items. However, you may notice they can get clogged with constant use. A clogged sink requires immediate attention, but it isn't always necessary to hire a plumber. Follow these steps to unclog a utility sink drain. Prepare to Unclog the Sink To unclog a utility sink, gather: plastic gloves  a towel or rag   an adjustable wrench a bucket plunger tweezers petroleum jelly  a drain snake dish soap  Test other sinks in the building to make certain it is the laundry sink. [Read More]

Smelling Sewer Gas? It Could Be From The Following Problems

Sewer gas can be a big problem for your home. It has a horrible smell and can be hazardous to those in your home. You're smelling the sewer gas because of some sort of malfunction with your home's plumbing system, and it could be one of the following reasons. Electrical Problems You may not think that your plumbing problem could be due to your home's electrical system, but it is possible. [Read More]

What Causes Uneven Cooling In The Upper Floors Of Your Home?

Cooling the upper floors of your home is harder than the rest of your house because heat rises naturally. Cooler air naturally wants to move to lower parts of your house, so you have to overcome the law of thermodynamics just to stay cool upstairs. If your air conditioner is set up properly, you will not have these problems. Here are some things that can cause uneven cooling that leaves your upper floors warmer than you want. [Read More]

Four Things That Can Go Wrong With Your Water Heater When You Don't Maintain It

You know you have to maintain your furnace and your central air conditioner (if applicable). Yet, not many people know that they have to maintain their water heaters! Water heaters are generally taken for granted. Most first-time as well as long-time homeowners generally leave their water heaters untouched until the water heaters break down or refuse to function at all. Since the average lifespan of a really good tank water heater is about a decade, even people who know they should provide water heater services for their water heaters rarely do so. [Read More]